OneNote is a digitized note-taking app featuring a slew of features for users. However, it’s commonly misunderstood how effective this IT Support Service may be for improving team cooperation.

It is an important element of their everyday operations for many people in business, management, and teams. Humans can’t count on their recollections to remember everything and anything that happens every day, particularly when it comes to serious issues.

Conventional note-taking techniques, such as using a notebook and a pen, are practical yet time-consuming. However, modern enterprises require something that enables people to work more quickly. As a result, they choose digital alternatives such as OneNote.

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OneNote is an application that boosts productivity that makes collecting, storing, and sharing information as simple as using cloud and Microsoft technology.

Consider OneNote as a centralized location for all of your notes, allowing you to arrange them differently. It also allows you to pin audio-visual assets alongside plain text.

If you’re seeking powerful online note-taking software, OneNote might be the answer.

Continue reading to learn about how this technology may benefit your company.

What Are the Benefits of Using OneNote?

OneNote is more than simply a fantastic note-taking app. It is also an excellent application with features that enable you to do various tasks for quick data processing.

The following are some of the most significant advantages:

Benefit #1. Increasing the use of coordination and collaboration instantaneously

OneNote is part of Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription, entirely cloud-based. Users of OneNote may now exchange files in real-time with other team members or clients. Multiple persons may concurrently see and modify their notes, enabling seamless collaboration at any moment.

Real-time editing has the advantage of allowing you to trace all modifications to the file. You may even recover a previous version of a document if there is an error.

This capability is also beneficial to businesses that operate in numerous locations. People from all across the country may collaborate on the same work without interfering with teamwork.

There’s no need to exchange emails or waste precious time waiting for responses when managers can easily collaborate.

Benefit #2. It secures confidential information

Using the internet to conduct business and share sensitive information has security concerns. This is particularly true in the case of laptop software. Thankfully, OneNote has a series of security safeguards to keep your information safe from prying eyes.

For instance, you may password-protect individual areas while keeping all of your data safe with 3DES encryption. In addition, if you don’t use your protected documents for an extended period, the application will lock them automatically to avoid a breach in data.

Benefit #3. Compatibility with other applications

OneNote offers excellent system integration capabilities like the other Office 365 subscription suite products. OneNote and Outlook may be synced to send email data immediately to the application and the other way around.

Furthermore, this program may be used with non-Microsoft applications. Zapier, Slack, Trello, Evernote, Dropbox, Salesforce, and a slew of other popular plugins are just a few examples. Furthermore, all of your critical applications will be linked, helping your staff be more efficient overall.

Benefit #4. Management of projects

For a regular business, OneNote includes dozens of new features. It is, nevertheless, particularly well-suited to project management.

Many leaders frequently deal with miscommunication among team members, connectivity issues, and project blockages when managing projects. Many of these concerns are swiftly resolved owing to Microsoft’s note-taking feature.

Project management is now less complicated. This is due to OneNote’s ease of use for management to track each team member’s successes. They can quickly amend schedules, mark off completed work, and assign new tasks.

Reach New Heights With OneNote

If you’ve not used OneNote previously, you might be interested in learning some tricks to reap the benefits of using the application.

Tip #1. Making quick notes

Quick Note’s managed IT offers amazing functions that allow you to jot down ideas when out of the workplace.

Imagine shopping, and you realize you haven’t answered an essential email. Take out your smartphone, open the One Note app, and make a Quick Note to remind yourself of this assignment.

The notification will appear when you access OneNote on your PC.

This function is identical to Sticky Notes in that it allows you to scribble any to-do list item or concept quickly. All of the notes are kept in your “Quick Notes” notebook’s “Unfiled Notes” section, where all notes are saved automatically.

Tip #2. Browsing through all the notes

Finding notes gets increasingly difficult. You’ll quickly accumulate dozens of notes every several months if you’re a frequent user. Don’t panic; there are many ways to organize and search for notes.

OneNote’s managed IT features a built-in search feature that makes it easier to find notes.

To find a phrase or word, click on the magnifying glass or press “Ctrl” (or “Command” for Mac) + “F” on your keyboard. The program will analyze your typed, handwritten, and even image notes.

You may further refine your search by using the drop-down button and clicking the desired item. All matched findings will be underlined in the notes.

When you’ve found the note you’re looking for, tap the “X” in the right-hand corner to end the search.

Tip #3. Use pre-prepared templates

Every new note in OneNote starts with a blank screen. It’s also what provides users with a great deal of freedom. However, you might find this method to be overly simplistic at times. So, it’s up to you whether or not to give the app some personality, organization, and color.

There are plenty of pre-prepared templates to select from in this IT Support Service. A design with attractive backdrops, to-do lists, organizers, and more is available for free download.

Please remember that you may only use these templates on newly created OneNote files. Most projects require content to be in a specified page location, so those that already include text won’t function.

Create a new note and copy the old content if you want to add a template to an existing message.

Tip #4. Use your smartphone to scan documents

Is it necessary for you to jot down notes from a scanned document? OneNote does not have this problem. You may capture high-quality scans of multiple documents with your phone and submit them to OneNote using the Microsoft Lens: PDF Scanner App (available for Android and iOS).

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Develop Your Note-Taking Skills

Thousands of employees and supervisors have benefited from digital note-taking solutions. OneNote is one of those programs that appears to have all the features you’ll need: a wealth of functionality, versatility, and simplicity of use. 

OneNote has something for everyone, whether you’re an owner of a business trying to boost team productivity or a program manager searching for a better method to monitor project schedules.

If you want to understand more about how this IT Support Service works, incredible technology can assist you in growing your business; please get in touch with us, and we can talk about it for about 10-15 minutes.