Heard of Cloud Computing, but not sure how this works for your business? Read on…

There’s a number of articles out there explaining the many cloud computing benefits, which is great, because not everyone has a degree in computer science and many people aren’t familiar with what cloud computing means. But if you’re still scratching your head as to how cloud services relate in context to what you already know and do with your Business IT Services, then this article should help.

Any of these comments sound like something you’d think or say?

“I’m busy running my business –  I haven’t got time to get my head around this.”

“What I’m doing works. I don’t see any point in changing it.”

“Sounds like fancy pants Silicon Valley stuff. I don’t see how it’s going to improve my business.”

We get it – change can be confronting, time consuming and sometimes cost money that we’d rather invest elsewhere. But what if this change could mean longer term benefits that your future self (and business bottom line) would thank you for?

To help highlight a couple of ways your business could experience some cloud computing benefits, we thought we’d share some stories about Bob and Tina’s businesses.


Examples of Cloud Computing Benefits in the Workplace

Scenario 1: Bob’s Industrial Business

Bob has a medium sized business based out of an industrial estate. He has an office where his desktop computer is set up and he’s the only one who can access what’s on there. And that’s the way he likes it. If Bob wants to share any of the information on his computer with others in the business, or outside, he has to physically be in his office at his computer and send it via email.

That’s all well and good – but if Bob’s computer gets damaged or stolen, he loses everything saved on it. There’s also the possibility of losing data when migrating over to a new computer when the day comes that his current desktop PC needs upgrading, if not done properly.

Bob isn’t alone. There are many business owners who still run things like this. Because that is what they know and are comfortable with.


Scenario 2: Tina’s Interior Design Business

Tina’s interior design business has grown over the years and at one point she hired more staff and invested in getting a server on site. This enabled her to put what she wanted on a shared server, from her personal computer, so any other members of staff could also access certain data and documents.

The onsite central server saved everyone a lot of time, because she didn’t have to email documents to and fro and staff could access information for themselves. It was also reassuring to know that if anyone damaged their computers, or any disasters like office flooding occurred, information was still accessible to everyone who could access the shared drive.

It didn’t take long for Tina to realise that the downside to this setup was that Tina and her team had to be on site at the office to access or share anything to the shared server. Increasingly they were on the road seeing clients, but with no access to what they needed on the run. The IT setup had its merits, but it was quite limiting for a growing business and didn’t offer much flexibility.

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The Solution: Cloud Services Melbourne

Bob’s data and documents on his desktop computer and Tina’s information on the physical shared server in the office can all be stored in an online space, which is referred to as ‘the cloud’.

If Bob’s desktop computer gets damaged or Tina’s team are offsite and want to show a client an important document – they can all still access their data and information if it exists ‘in the cloud’.

Because cloud services are all online, it means all that is required to access the data and documents is an internet connection and device (desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet).


With Cloud Services, you don’t have to be onsite in the office to access the files you need. Neither do your staff.

Cloud Services Melbourne, Cloud Computing Benefits


Scenarios Where Cloud Services Can Make Business Life Easier:

  • In a client meeting at their office and want to pull up a technical specification document?
  • Traveling back from a meeting and wanting to put together some notes on an existing document?
  • On the road between your office and the client you’ve just pitched to and want to create a quote right away?
  • Back at the office and want to consolidate your meeting notes?
  • A member of staff needs to work remotely from home?

With reliable cloud services, all of these scenarios are possible as long as you and your team members have access to an internet connection and device (smart phone, laptop, PC, tablet). Microsoft O365 Cloud Services quickly and easily enable you to access all these managed cloud services benefits in your business.


I see how cloud services could work for me – how do I make the switch?

Chances are you’re under the pump with the daily dealings of your business, so the best bet to get everything running smoothly and seamlessly ‘in the cloud’ is to engage the expertise of a Melbourne based IT Managed Services company.

When partnering with and IT Services company like Discover, we can ensure your properly structured, cloud services will enable your business data and files to be protected and ensure that team members are only able to access information that is relevant to their positions – wherever they’re working from.

By getting on board with managed cloud services, you are empowering yourself and your business IT to be flexible and adaptable as your business evolves and grows.

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Discover – Making Cloud Services Work for Melbourne Businesses

Discover have over 20 years of providing managed IT services to businesses and have stayed right at the cutting edge of implementing and migrating businesses to Cloud Services. Our team are experienced cloud services providers, and are equipped to provide the perfect customised cloud solution for your specific business needs.

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