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IT Support

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IT Support

  • Ability to manage fully all your IT needs.
  • Automation of routine IT management tasks and perform these functions proactively, continuously and remotely including:
    • Computer / Network / Software Inventory and Audits
    • Remote Desktop Management and Support
    • Systematic Patch Management and Software Updates
    • Network/Operating System Monitoring and Alerts
    • Help Desk / Trouble Ticketing
    • Network/Security Policy Enforcement
    • Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • Anti-Virus, Spam and Spyware Detection
    • User State Management
    • Reconfigurations (based on utilisation levels to avoid potential failures)
    • Monthly activity report generation
    • Monthly site visits to review managed IT activities / tasks, problems prevented, to manage the relationship and to ensure client satisfaction over the long-term.


  • Reduced business risks and business costs of IT function and services
  • Improved network, system and application reliability, up-time, availability and performance
  • Reduces risk and cost of unexpected IT network / systems / apps failures
  • Reduced overall costs of IT function and IT services fees
  • Overall improvement in your return on investment in IT

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Managed IT Services

Managed Services delivers IT Support for a fixed monthly fee. This means our interests are aligned with your interests to keep your systems up and running.

Services include:

  • Performance monitoring – we will monitor your servers, firewall and routers 24 / 7 by installing software tools on your network that alert us instantly to any issues found and which record overall performance and provide monthly network performance reports via email
  • Backup monitoring – we will check and make sure your back up works every day and provide monthly backup reports via email
  • Regular maintenance – we will combine both onsite and remote maintenance
  • Regular reviews – we will meet with you regularly to discuss your network and systems
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Equipment support
  • Anti-virus software for all PCs and Servers
  • Email spam filters that provide twice daily email notifications to individual users
  • Set monthly fee with no Lock in Contracts

Ask us for quote on maintaining all of your computers today . . . and start saving money immediately.

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Cloud Services


Discover provides a variety of cloud services including;

Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchange allows you to take the burden of having an in-house exchange server and move that to the cloud. It gives all the same benefits and features without the headache and a low monthly fee.

Hosted Storage

No matter where you are you will have access to your data with our Cloud Drive solution.

Hosted Backup

Don’t worry about losing your valuable data, back it up to the cloud where it can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

Hybrid Hosting

With the options we implement any or all above with an appliance that goes onsite for network authentication, line of business applications, and faster access to data such as MYOB, QuickBooks etc…

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Hardware as Service (HaaS)

HaaS – We provide computer equipment, such as servers, desktops, and networking equipment

serverWe know that a server is never a good investment. Like a car the second you purchase it the value decreases. The longer it’s in production the more issues will arise. That’s why our motto is “Changing the way technology is delivered.” We don’t believe in wasting precious capital investing in technology. So we offer several options for our clients to transition that capital expense to an operating expense.

With our cloud offerings and HaaS there are no huge upfront costs. Whether, HaaS or the Cloud is best for you, we will provide you with an environment that just works to make sure your company’s provided with the best technology experience available. All for a low, predictable monthly cost.
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